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Desert Mountains

Healing isn't about changing who you are; it's about changing your relationship to who you are.

A fundamental part of that is honoring how you feel.

Suzanne Heyn

Katie Klumb


Supporting Healing From a Heart-Centered Space

Welcome. I'm Katie Klumb, MA, LPC and I am your mental health therapist at Awakening Peace Counseling. 


If you find yourself in search of therapeutic support know you do not need to navigate the difficulties of life alone. I am a dedicated psychotherapist and meditation practitioner committed to guiding individuals through their personal journeys towards greater balance, ease, and self-discovery from a heart-centered space. Together we will explore your stories, change behaviors, and help you find your way to an empowered life. I will work with you through a lens of mind, body, and spirit in order to ensure holistic, integrated healing. 


Change happens when we welcome all of ourselves - mind, body, and spirit -
into the healing process.



Personalized Care for

Teens & Adults

In-person or virtual sessions available.

Telehealth sessions are held over a HIPPA compliant platform. In-person in Lyons, CO

Providing counseling services for Lyons, Boulder, Longmont, Estes Park, Allenspark and surrounding areas.



I specialize in supporting individuals through various challenges and transitions, including:

Trauma Informed Therapy: I work with individuals who struggle to make sense of events that have shaped their lives, empowering them to take control and reclaim agency over their narratives. Through the compassionate and supportive approach of trauma therapy, clients can transition into a new relationship with their trauma, feeling empowered to navigate their lives with greater autonomy and resilience.

Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder: I provide support for individuals presenting with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, offering evidence-based interventions tailored to each individual's unique needs and experiences.

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP): I utilize this innovative therapeutic approach that combines the use of ketamine (administered sublingually) with psychotherapy techniques to facilitate emotional processing and personal growth.

Sense of Self and Life Purpose: For those who lack a sense of self and life purpose, I offer guidance and support to help individuals explore their innermost selves, rediscover their passions, and align their lives with their truest essence.

Somatic & Mindfulness Practices: Utilizing body-based mindfulness techniques, including mediation and somatic experiencing, I assist clients in cultivating present-moment awareness and developing a deeper connection with themselves.

Psychedelic Therapy: I offer a safe space for individuals exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelic experiences. I engage a holistic approach encompassing preparation, journeying, and integration for those engaging in personal use in the state of Colorado. Together we explore intention setting to establish the foundation for a psychedelic journey, how to create a safe and sacred space for the individual's self-exploration, and post-journey integration, assisting individuals in making meaning of their experiences, incorporating insights gained into their daily lives, and fostering personal growth and healing.

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